Rescue Robotics Presentation

Thursday Feb. 16th at 5 pm in SIM 161.

The project is focused on military application and is aptly named Rescue Robot. Michael Miller is the sponsor who has spent time on the front lines in Afghanistan and recognized the need for a more capable design.  In addition to hourly compensation, Mike is willing to help the students spin this off as a for-profit venture once the preliminary proof of concept has been successfully completed.  Good motivator for those with a passion for “make a difference”.

Please get the word out to the Robotic students that we will be hosting another project presentation   This project is similar to the Ability Dynamics project in that it entails the design & fabrication of a real-world need and fits our “make a difference” profile.  This is also a funded project wherein participating students earn ASU equivalent compensation for their efforts.

To be clear, this is NOT an ASU sponsored project so payment will be made via PayPal not ASU.  To facilitate this practice, we must first develop a process for participating students to become legally recognized contractors in the state of Arizona. This is a fairly straightforward process and students can decide if they prefer to be classified as a sole proprietor or limited liability company (LLC).  For our purposes, either distinction is fine.