Club Projects

Artemis Bridge

Project Lead: Mykol Reklaitis


The project consists of building the "bridge" of a starship complete with weapons station, Communications, Science, Engineering, Helm, and Ship's Captain. This integrated system is a massive undertaking and is currently under construction.  If you are interested in networking systems, this project is for you.


Dymond the Battle-bot

Project Leads: John (Zach) Alden & Luis Lopez


We are currently in the design phase of our Battlebots project which we have name Dymond.  If our design is accepted, we will compete in the Battlebots tournament on ABC.  If we are not accepted, we will have built a battlebot.  We are in need of a team so let us know if you are interested in pushing the limits of what a robot can do.


DynaMyte Mill

Project Lead: Frank Ross


This project is about restoring an old CNC mill that the club owns and getting it working again to use for other club projects.  If restoring old machines or troubleshooting problems with such machines interests you, stop by and have a look.


Robotic Racers

Project Lead: Josh Kosar


The purpose of this project is to build autonomous racing cars.  The club owns a variety of chassis and other components which must be assembled into functioning vehicles.  To add an element of difficulty, we want the racers to be autonomous.  Register if you are interested in building racers from scratch and programing them for autonomous operation.


Nerf Tank

Project Lead: Pending


In this project, we hope to build a tank chassis that is capable of firing Nerf darts.  This simple concept is a good starting point for people new to robotics.  While not currently started, any person who is interested can join the club and begin work on this project.


Greeter Robot

Project Lead: Pending


Rossum Rumblers is in need of a greeter robot for outreach purposes.  Most of this project will deal in the realm of artificial intelligence and programing.  We would like to have a robot with a unique personality that responds to individuals.  If you think you can develop this or want to be part of it, let us know.


*If you have an interesting project you would like to pursue, let us know and we will try to make it happen.