Current Club Projects

Swarm Robotics

Project Lead: Corey Hulse


This project spawned the company "Feremone Robotics"  Who's primary goal is to design a series of swarm robots that mimic ant behavior in order to provide a mobile network of sensors for disaster relief. 


Sherline Mill

Project Lead: Ben Bergansky


With this mill, we are using a tablet to control a small cnc mill and mimic hand motions to engrave a sketched object on milling medium. 


20 Ton Press

Project Lead: Josh Kosar


This project is about building 20 Ton press for the lab. If you are interested in learning how to weld or designing metal structures, this project is a great starting point. 


DynaMyte Mill

Project Lead: Frank Ross


This project is about restoring and old CNC mill that the club owns and getting it working again to use for other club projects.


Nerf Tank

Project Lead: Andrew Karnes


This project was born out of collaboration with the Urban Gaming Club. This tank is designed as an accessory for the Humans versus Zombies event on ASU Poly Campus. 


Robotic Racers

Project Lead: Josh Kosar


This project is all about building autonomous racing cars. The club owns a series of